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The time of pregnancy can be a scary period in a woman’s life. With Prenatal Screening Fort Lauderdale, your doctor will be your most important ally. If you have any concerns about specific tests or results, they’re on hand to answer your questions. Prenatal screening covers a variety of testing your doctor may recommend or you may choose to have during pregnancy.

There are Prenatal Screening Fort Lauderdale that are done to determine whether a baby is likely to have specific health conditions or chromosomal abnormalities, like Down syndrome. These screenings are usually noninvasive and optional, though recommended by most OBs. When the results are positive, further diagnostic tests — some that may be more invasive — can provide more definitive answers for you and your doctor.

South Florida Perinatal Medicine: We Offer Prenatal Care

Early and regular prenatal care can help minimize issues that make your pregnancy high risk. South Florida Perinatal Medicine has a dedicated team of professionals including experienced perinatologists, sonographers, genetic counselors and office staff who strive to ensure your pregnancy has positive results. We are the best place to go to if you want quality Prenatal Screening Fort Lauderdale.

We provide advanced prenatal testing services combined with innovative procedures in a warm and comfortable environment to enhance positive outcomes. We use the latest genetic screening and testing equipment. We have six different locations to better serve you. Choose the one that is nearest to you have and have access to our services including non-invasive prenatal screening, amniocentesis, integrated screening, biophysical ultrasound, perinatal consult, paternity test, and more.

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Here at South Florida Perinatal Medicine, you will find qualified and experienced perinatologists and genetic counselors to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy. From the first phone call to our office until you are ready to deliver your baby, we provide expert advice and care every step of the way. Call us now if you want more information about Prenatal Screening Fort Lauderdale and more.

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