First Trimester Ultrasound

First Trimester Ultrasound Helps Determine Important Next Steps in Prenatal Care

First trimester ultrasounds are done for a variety of reasons. Sometimes patients may experience spotting or cramping during their first trimester. If this occurs, your doctor may recommend an ultrasound. It is important to understand the difference between a first trimester ultrasound and one that is typically done for most women during the second trimester. It is not recommended for the purpose of diagnosing or dating pregnancy. First trimester ultrasounds help determine critical steps in your prenatal care. When and why is a first trimester ultrasound done?

South Florida Perinatal Medicine offers first trimester ultrasounds at multiple locations in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Experienced perinatologists employ the latest equipment in a warm and friendly environment so that your prenatal care experience can be comfortable and relaxing.

You can request an appointment for your first trimester ultrasound at any one of our Miami, Miami Beach or Coral Springs Offices.

Latest Technology in Obstetrical Ultrasounds in the Miami & Fort Lauderdale area

Prenatal ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves which transmit through the abdomen via a device called a transducer in order to view the uterus. The sound waves are then recorded and transformed into video or photographic images of the uterus and the baby.

First trimester ultrasounds can be done either transabdominally or transvaginally. Since this ultrasound is done in the early stage of pregnancy, at times the abdominal approach may not produce a clear view. In this case, a transvaginal ultrasound is generally done. With this approach, a probe is carefully and gently inserted into the vaginal canal in order to obtain enhanced images of your uterus.

At South Florida Perinatal Medicine we use the latest technology to get you the most precise results. We are committed to providing the highest standard in healthcare in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. As one of the largest and most established perinatology practices in the region, we pride ourselves in providing top quality prenatal care to a vast number of women that are at high risk with their pregnancy. At South Florida Perinatal Medicine, patients feel reassured by our team of experienced Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists.

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