Perinatal Consult

What is a Perinatal Consult?

Perinatal consults are indicated when there is a condition or disease that can have a negative impact on yourself or your pregnancy. The most common indicators for a perinatal consultation are:

In some cases the above factors can be determined before you conceive and a perinatal consult can direct and manage your prenatal care from the initial stages. South Florida Perinatal Medicine offers the latest prenatal testing and care. Our perinatalogists are among the most experienced and committed to helping you achieve positive results. Perinatalogists can explain your condition, recommend the right treatment and help you prepare for the future.

Request an appointment for a perinatal consult today. South Florida Perinatal Medicine has multiple locations in Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Springs to make it more convenient for you.

Specialized Prenatal Testing and Perinatal Consult in South Florida

South Florida Perinatal Medicine specializes in prenatal testing and care for pregnancies with high risk. Prenatal screening can help you make informed decisions about the future.

What does a perinatal consult at South Florida Prenatal Medicine involve?

Call South Florida Perinatal Medicine to make an appointment for a prenatal consult at a location near you.

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