Diabetic Management

Successful Diabetic Management during Pregnancy

Diabetes makes your pregnancy high risk. What is meant to be a happy time is often fraught with worry. Many women in this situation have concerns about delivering preterm babies or being faced with fetal defects.

With gestational diabetes, fetal anomalies are not usually an issue. This is because in most cases the diabetes develops after the first trimester in which the baby is formed. Nonetheless, whether it is a pre-existing condition or gestational diabetes, proper diabetic management is instrumental in carrying to term and delivering a healthy baby.

The perinatologists at South Florida Perinatal Medicine can help you work towards positive results. We are committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to pregnant women and their children in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

Why do you need a perinatologist for diabetic management during your pregnancy?

Request an appointment with an experienced perinatologist for prenatal care with effective diabetic management. South Florida Perinatal Medicine has multiple locations in Miami or Fort Lauderdale to make it more convenient for you.

Expert Prenatal Care and Diabetic Management by South Florida Perinatologists

Keeping blood sugar levels under control is a key factor in diabetic management during pregnancy. Eating a proper diet, being active, maintaining a healthy weight gain and taking prescribed medication on time are some ways to do this. If you have a pre-existing condition it’s always best to seek medical attention before you get pregnant.

Many women who have diabetes are able to have full-term, healthy babies. Diabetic management makes this possible and also reduces the risk of future health issues (like hypoglycemia, jaundice, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, etc.) for you and your baby.

Your perinatologist at South Florida Perinatal Medicine can help reduce or prevent pregnancy complications and risks associated with pre-existing or gestational diabetes. We have helped so many mothers-to-be in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale enjoy a stress-free pregnancy.

Call South Florida Perinatal Medicine to schedule a consultation for prenatal care with diabetic management in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

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