Obstetrical Ultrasound

Specialized 3D Sonogram and 4D Ultrasound for Advanced Prenatal Testing

Ultrasounds (also called sonograms or sonographies) during pregnancy offer your healthcare providers insight into how your baby is progressing. Being accurate, non-invasive, relatively low risk and cost-effective, the obstetrical ultrasound has become an indispensable tool in monitoring pregnancy, especially when high risk.

What are the different types of ultrasounds during pregnancy?

All ultrasounds conducted at the South Florida Perinatal Medicine strictly follow the guidelines of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Patient safety and comfort is always a top priority. Our ultrasound technicians are trained in the latest technology including 3D sonograms and 4D ultrasounds enhancing testing efficiency and accuracy of results.

Request an appointment for ultrasounds during pregnancy, including a 3D sonogram or 4D ultrasound, at our closest location in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Why Choose South Florida Perinatal Medicine for Ultrasounds during Pregnancy?

At South Florida Perinatal Medicine we believe in providing the finest in women’s healthcare, in a warm and caring environment. Whether you come to us for an ultrasound, amniocentesis, genetic screening or testing, we offer personalized attention that focuses on your unique needs.

How do our obstetrical ultrasounds work?

South Florida Perinatal Medicine employs the latest screening and diagnostic testing methods that contribute to high quality prenatal care. We do everything we can to help your pregnancy bring positive results. Our perinatologists are never too busy to answer your questions. Plus we have genetic counselors to guide you through genetic prenatal testing.

Call South Florida Perinatal Medicine to schedule a 3D sonogram or 4D ultrasound at the Miami or Fort Lauderdale location nearest you.

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