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Genetic Prenatal Testing Options for Pregnancies with High Risk

Have you been told your pregnancy is high risk? There are many genetic prenatal testing options to help determine exactly what your risks are. Some of the earliest identifiers being:

Studies also show that these prenatal testing procedures have a high accuracy rate for identifying common chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome, trisomy 18 and open neural tube defects like Spina bifida.

A family medical history of genetic defects and miscarriages or still births, advanced maternal age (above 35) and health issues raises concerns about your baby being born with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. Prenatal testing can confirm if there are any issues eliminating unnecessary stress and help you prepare for the future.

South Florida Perinatal Medicine offers the latest genetic screening and testing options including first screening, sequential screening and integrated screening. Our RDMS-certified sonographers and experienced perinatologists specialize in prenatal care for a pregancy with high risk.

Find out why your pregnancy is high risk so that you can get the right prenatal care.

Request an appointment to learn more about integrated screening, sequential screening and first trimester screening for high risk pregnancies. South Florida Perinatal Medicine has many convenient locations to serve you.

Early Genetic Screening and Testing Leads to Better Prenatal Care

Genetic screening and testing is the first step towards managing your pregnancy better. You can aim to reduce associated risks such as preterm babies as well as get the kind of prenatal care you need. Knowing what you’re dealing with enables you and your healthcare provider to make informed decisions about your prenatal care.

South Florida Perinatal Medicine uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to enhance accuracy of results. We also have experienced perinatologists and genetic counselors who can help you work towards achieving positive results.

What you need to know about your screening options:

First trimester screening: A non-invasive screening option combining a maternal blood screening test with an ultrasound evaluation of the fetus to identify risk for specific chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome, Trisomy-21 and Trisomy-18.

Integrated Screen is a blood test which shows if you are at increased risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, Trisomy 18, or an open neural tube defect. It requires a sample of your blood and an ultrasound measurement performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, and a second blood sample taken during the second trimester.

Sequential Screen is a screening test which shows if you are at increased risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, or an open neural tube defect.

The next step is to talk with your doctor and/or genetic counselor about your results and your diagnostic prenatal genetic testing options. The dedicated and experienced perinatologists at South Florida Perinatal Medicine are committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to pregnant women and their children. Whatever genetic screening option you require, we ensure you receive the best prenatal care.

Call South Florida Perinatal Medicine to talk about your genetic screening and testing options at a location near you.

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