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Specialized Prenatal Testing and Care for High Risk Pregnancies.

With timely prenatal testing and specialized prenatal care, a pregnancy that is high risk can have positive results. It can help you manage or make an educated decision about a condition that can affect your pregnancy or the well-being of your unborn child. You can feel confident that you are receiving the proper treatment.

South Florida Perinatal Medicine offers top quality prenatal testing and prenatal care for mothers-to-be in the Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Springs area. Our doctors are well-known Obstetricians and gynecologists with a specialty in Maternal Fetal Medicine. This means expert care throughout your pregnancy.

Whether it's gestational diabetes, a genetic family history, a chromosome abnormality or the possibility of a pre-term delivery, identifying and understanding your risks enables you to make an informed decision about your future. Our prenatal services have a single focus to help you enjoy a healthy and stress-free pregnancy.

What services does South Florida Perinatal Medicine offer?


Having a baby can be all the more pleasant knowing that you are being guided and cared for properly through your pregnancy. That's where our dedicated perinatologists and healthcare staff can make all the difference.

South Florida Perinatal Medicine is committed to providing the highest standards in healthcare for pregnant women and their unborn child, in a warm and comfortable environment. We have multiple locations in Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Springs to serve you.

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